We believe in art as a channel for positive change, inspiration and development of the human mind.

Art has many aspects- it is a catalyst, an awakener, a whisperer of ancestral knowledge, and a living, breathing manifestation of the human spirit.

History has taught us that art carries ideas, evokes emotion and can move a nation towards awareness of how it treats its people. Art can influence history and move whole societies to re-think their code of conduct.

Art has turned things around for Humankind during different phases of history.

We know that Art can start whole movements and that it has the potential to raise awareness. Peacefully.

We are committed to disseminating art and its meaning, to discussing art, and we are committed to the art of thinking and debating.

We like both sides of this – the individual and the global. We recognise that we are evolving beings, and that art, culture, philosophy and knowledge help us evolve.

Every individual has an inalienable right to self-esteem, to the gathering of new knowledge, to freedom and enjoyment, and we want that for everyone.

We are thrilled when peaceful movements which promote positive harmonious change, do so through the cultivation of higher levels of awareness and piece by piece, build a better planet for us all. Art is an intrinsic part of these movements- it gives us icons, emotional fireworks, new frameworks through which we can view the world. It elevates our consciousness to new levels.

Knowledge optimizes the human mind and equips us with multiple tools to use when the vehicle we use on life’s journey breaks or stalls for us or others we hold close, or communities we value. Knowledge creates innovation and practical change. We value that highly. We value analytical thought , philosophy, culture and their roles in our development.

Both knowledge and art fly on the wings of the Sankofa bird.

We believe that Art is not just a door to the soul, but also a means to a better world. Knowledge, philosophy and culture are not just a personal heritage, but a global heritage enhancing lives, communities and societies. We love the global village model.

We want our site, project and forum to be like the ‘Sankofa’ bird- bringing forward the messages of the wise, of all generations including modern society, into an egg which will become a bird flying into a beautiful future. `This is a shared vision and a symbiotic process- we want to impart, and also to learn and grow.

Because we believe we can still dream, and Art is our portal to that dream.