Exploring the Realm of Sacred Geometry

This collection of artwork is our personal exploration into the realm of Sacred Geometry and the relevance of Sacred Geometry in Art. These universal symbols, shapes and patterns can be used to understand the world around us whilst giving us insight into reality. In this series of Artwork, we will be looking at Sacred Geometry in religious symbols and nature. Our main focus in our Artwork is to produce beautifully complexed Sacred Geometry Art.

In this collection of exciting, vibrant, multi-layered geometric designs, colours and dimensions play with the eye and create an intense focus of concentration traditional to the spiritual heritage of the Himalayas, India and Tibet. In these cultures, ‘mandalas’ are microcosms of spiritual realms represented by precise designs detailing various symbolic phenomena, such as a wish-fulfilling jewel or an elephant.

Woven in our exploration into the realm of Sacred Geometry, the transcendental ‘worlds’ is reminiscent of mandalas. We generate fractal patterns that represent the patterns present in nature.

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In these cross-cultural works, Sankofastudies has expressed pure energy in bold, rich vibrant colour reminiscent of a North African-inspired palette, and through layering and geometric form, evoked the ethereal quality of Eastern transcendental art.

These are not replicas of pre-existing ‘mandala’ or fractal designs, but direct manifestations of our vivid dream-like visions. They are representations of our own personal other-worldly experience, and reflect a multiplicity of cultural influences.

In producing these works, we celebrates the pure essence of the mind in its primordial state, its natural and quiescent form. Gazing at these multi-dimensional contemplative ‘domains’ and being drawn into them offers a sense of inner resolution and fulfilment. In this state, there are no boundaries and no prejudice, there is no sense of conflict. From the seed of the transcendental, change evolves, but is not forced. This is change that occurs from the inside out. Societies can change through spiritual evolution.