The History and Beauty of Fractal Art

In the mid-1980s, when digital art was not more than three decades old, a new form of algorithm art was introduced. Fractal art is an art that involves the use of mathematical algorithms with the assistance of fractal-generating software to calculate fractal objects and finally representing them as still images.

Sacred Geometry

The mathematics in Sacred Geometry is considered to unlock the secrets of the universe. In the days of old, certain geometric shapes had specific spiritual meaning. Shapes like hexagons, octagons and triangles have a number that resonates so that they become visible. These symbols made their way into cultural iconography and co-opted by various religions. Scientists and scholars have studied these and incorporated them in complex equations that were meant to solve some of nature’s biggest conundrums. These shapes are part of what spiritualists call the sacred geometry. Scientists like Leonardo da Vinci were fascinated by this sacred geometry particularly “the flower of life” because that geometric shape defined the perfect way that all things are connected.